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Boots are specialized footwear that are used in skiing to provide a way to attach the skier to skis using ski bindings

OnSales Snowboard Boots

DC Men’s Phase 2012
Performance Snowboard Boot
Price: $89.85
DC Men’s Phase 13 Snow Boot
Price: $94.24
DC Men’s Scout 2012
Performance Snowboard Boot
Price: $118.95

Salomon Faction FS Snowboard Boots
Price: $119.00
Men’s Prion ’11 Snowboard Boot
Price: $55.44
Burton Moto Snowboard Boots
Price: $55.00

LTD Stratus Men’s Snowboard Boots
Price: $40.95
Lamar Justice Men’s Snowboard Boots Black
Price: $30.45
Men’s Prion Snowboarding Boot
Price: $55.77

DC Men’s Status 13 Snow Boot
Price: $332.45
Women’s Summit ’11 Snowboard Boot
Price: $39.04
DC Women’s Search 13 Snowboard Boot
Price: $171.00